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This seems like a great opportunity for beautiful young women to enjoy the traveling experiences of their dreams in a completely safe, respectful, legitimate, and FUN way. After Miss Travel has paired you with a doctor or a billionaire and confirmed your reservation, you just show up at 11PM at 456 Rape Street and ring the bottom buzzer. Everyone will make so many jokes about how it’s called Rape Street and how uncomfortable that makes everyone and oh my God, I know, who names a street Rape Street are you kidding? Then you’ll be handed a glass of champagne that is definitely champagne and nooooo, not all champagne has bubbles in it so just drink your champagne. Then it’s down into the basement because that’s where the airplanes are, silly! Are you nervous about this trip? So is he! Don’t bother packing any luggage, you’ll just buy all of the things that you need at a luxury store once you get to Caruba! Miss Travel also suggests that you leave your wallet, portable phone, and dental records at home because you simply won’t need them! Now, beautiful young ladies, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with a wealthy man of your dreams. This is going to be very real.

This sounds so legit.

When any of our citizens can’t fulfill the potential that they have because of factors that have nothing to do with talent, or character, or work ethic, that diminishes us all. It holds all of us back.

President Obama

This is why I do the work I do - all of the organizing, teaching and speaking on women in technology. This is the reasoning. It’s not about quotas, it’s not about handouts. It’s about the principle of potential and valuing individual achievement, and creating a true meritocracy. It’s the core of everything I try to stand for.

Also, turns out single mothers can raise future presidents. Just in case you were wondering.

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